PZO Multi-Functional Steam Oven (Intelligent Digital Design) PZ-SO38

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Intelligent Touch Screen Design continues the advantage of Steam Oven series  

10 in 1 functions include: Steam, Steam Grill, Steam with Lower Heater Grill, Upper & Lower Heater Grill, Upper or Lower Heater Grill, Hot Air Circulation, Fermentation, Keep Warm, Defrost and Pasteurization.

In Intelligent Mode, PZO has a more high-tech cooking experience: 

- “3 phases in single operation” A+ memory cooking      
- 38 Designated Cooking Menu      
- Preset Cooking Time      
- “Secondary Evaporation” – reduce water accumulation when steaming      
- “Hot Air Circulation” – even fire power, crisp outside      
- “Pasteurization” – can disinfect Tableware and baby milking utensils      
- “Front Air Exhaust Tube” (optional use) – suitable for Tabled or Installed settings      
- “Clock / Cooking Time” function & “Children Lock” function      - “Keep Warm” function      
- 1.3L internal Water Tank, can steam for 3 hours      
- Touch Screen design , easy to use      
- Black mirror with three layers of tempered glass handle and door design, for anti-scalding and easy observation during cooking      
- Double U-shaped metal heating tube can be independently switched and regulated, which is safe and easy to clean      
- 3-layered Rack Shelves can hold 3 cooking tray for 1 time cooking, which increases cooking efficiency      
- 304 Stainless Steel materials, high quality and ease to bacteria   - Built-in embedded lighting, steaming process is clear at a glance


“Instruction Manual” - easy to read and understand

Function and Cooking Temperature:          
1. Steam (80°C - 110°C)
2. Steam Grill (100°C - 150°C)
3. Steam with Upper & Lower Heater Grill (100°C - 230°C)
4. Upper & Lower Heater Grill (100°C - 230°C)
5. Upper / Lower Heater Grill (100°C - 230°C)
6. Hot Air Circulation (100°C - 230°C)
7. Fermentation (30°C - 40°C)
8. Keep Warm (30°C - 40°C)
9. Defrost (40°C - 60°C)
10. Pasteurization (120°C)


1. Stainless Steel Rack      
2. Stainless Steel Oil Receiver      
3. Stainless Steel Food Tray      
4. Front Air Exhaust Tube (optional use)      
5. Water Storage Board      
6. Silicon Insulated Gloves      
7. Powerful Absorbent Sponge      
8. Water Tank      
9. Recipes      
10. Instruction Manual      
11.Warranty Card

Product Specifications:

Product Name:    PZO Multi-functional Steam Oven
Installation:    Table or Installed      
Operation Type:    Touch Screen      
Door Open Style:    Pull Downward      
Interior Body:    304 Stainless Steel      
Body Colour:    Carbon Grey External Body      
Voltage:    220-240V ~ 50/60Hz      
Rated Power:    2000W      
Oven Capacity:    30L      
Water Tank Capacity:    1300cc      
Gross Weight:    24kg      
Net Weight:    22kg      
Packing Size:    H410mm x W585mm x D550mm      
External Body:    H385mm x W525mm x D500mm      
Internal Body:    H240mm x W370mm x D340mm      
Warranty:    1 year on-site maintenance warranty, please call 6475 2227.

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