PZO Multi-Functional Steam Oven PZ-SO23 (Knob Button Design)(out of stock)

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Brand: PZO        

Product Code: PZ-SO23

PZO Steam Oven has multiple advantages to meet all the need for users :  

* Our 8 major functions (Steam, Steam & Oven, Oven, Hot Air Circulation, Rotating Grill, Ferment, Defrost & Sterile), can cook your favorite cuisine easily.  
* "No Microwave, No Radiation", build up health cooking style.  
* Simple and well-designed appearance, suitable for Table or Installed style (optional Front Air Exhaust Tube).
* Knob buttons are easily to operate.  
* White aluminium door handle with double layer glass door design, heat protected and being see through the steam oven.  
* Movable upper & lower U-shape metallic heater tubes, are safe and easy to be cleaned.  
* Can place double layers rack & tray for cooking use, can maximize the efficiency.  
* Heat evaporating disc can be cleaned easily after every use, which avoid the breeding of bacteria.  
* Build-in durable light source, to facilitate food observation.  
* Instruction manual is very clear, easy to understand, and carefully written.  
* Recipe is made by PZO steam oven "Madam Chef", and sharing every cooking experiences with this steam oven to our customers.


Function Mode & Temperature :

(1) Steam (100°C)
(2) Steam & Oven (110°C - 230°C)
(3) Oven (110°C - 230°C)
(4) Hot Air Circulation (110°C - 230°C)
(5) Rotating Grill (110°C - 230°C)
(6) Ferment (40°C), optimal fermentation of yeast
(7) Defrost (50°C), can return intensity of frozen food without destroying the quality
(8) Sterile (100°C), suitable for sterilization of milk bottle and cook wares


Attached Accessories :

1.    Stainless Steel Rack - provide surface for food & cookware  
2.    Enamel Tray - provide surface for juicy and tiny food
3.    Bottom Tray - hold oily and juicy substances from meat and food  
4.    Fixation Fork Set - use to fix chicken, pigeon and ribs etc in rotating grill  
5.    Fixation Fork Set Handle - to fix the fixation fork set with food away from the steam oven  
6.    Rack Handle - to fix the stainless steel rack and enamel tray away from the steam oven  
7.    Front Air Exhaust Tube - optional for Installed style use  
8.    Knob Button Paper Hanger (Double Languages) - with English vs Indonesian  
9.    Silicone Insulated Glove  
10.  Powerful Absorbent Sponge  
11.  Recipes  
12.  Instruction Manual  
13.  Warranty Card


Product Specifications & Size :

Model No. & Name : PZO-SO23 Multi-functional Steam Oven  
Installation Style : Table or Installed  
Operation Type : Knob  
Door Open Style : Pull Downward  
Interior Body : 304 Stainless Steel  
Body Colour : White  
Voltage : 220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz  
Rated Power : 1850W (Steam 800W / Oven 1400W)
Oven Capacity : 23L  
Disc Capacity : 500cc  
Interior Size : H200 x W340 x D300mm  
Oven Size : H340 x W503 x D373mm  
Net Weight : 7.6kg  
Outer Box Size : H390 x W584 x D464mm  
Gross Weight : 9.6kg


Warranty Information :
1-year Manufacturer's warranty, enquiry hotline : 6475 2227.   

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