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Wooden Fiber Cleaning Cloth usage instruction:

1. Produced by wooden fiber that needs to be soaked into warm water of <80。C for 10 minutes to achieve the optimal effect.

2. The wooden micro-fiber is easily dry up to prevent collection of germs; please do not wipe the cloth rigorously : a protected use cloth can be last for 2 months for regular replacement.

3. Soak through the cloth by water to produce a protective layer for removing oily substance with ease.

4. To remove the reducing food particles from cook wares prior cleaning them by the wooden fiber cleaning cloth. 

5. General cleaning by wooden fiber cleaning cloth can free from detergents unless the target dirt is thick and really obstinate.  

6. Prevent using the wooden fiber cleaning cloth on sharp knives, dark juice, hair stain, strong tea, sesame oil to protect the best quality of micro fiber.

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