「PZO x 即到搬屋公司」有搬遷優惠俾 PZO 用戶
PZO users can enjoy the 5% off relocation service of "Promptly Move Co Ltd" by presenting our PZO purchase invoice
"Promptly Move Co Ltd" was founded by 3 young people born in the 90s.  In the past ten years, it has been adhering to the spirit of hard work and striving for dreams.
That service is to provide:
  1. Free home quote
  2. Specialist moving house
  3. Move office
  4. Shop relocation
  5. Clean up the site
  6. Disposal of furniture
That is to adhere to three principles:
1.On time
2.Polite and enthusiastic
3.Clear price
"Promptly Move" thinking about you, we are there immediately if you want to move!Welcome to contact directly by WhatsApp: 54635464 Mr. TSANG