PZO 智能數碼多功能蒸氣焗爐 30L 已經成功登入 Pricerite 實惠網店

PZO Intelligent Multi-functional Steam Oven (SO38) has been successfully logged into "Pricerite Online Store" since 2020-9-25.Sale at a discounted price with free delivery

Steam oven is definitely a good helper for the kitchen."PZO Intelligent Multi-functional Steam Oven (SO38)" has fantastic 10 functions integrated into one body, including: pure steaming, steaming, high temperature steaming, upper and lower heater grills, hot air circulation, fermentation, heat preservation, and high temperature sterilization.

In addition to the rear exhaust vent, it is also equipped with a front exhaust pipe, so the steam will not spray around.  Cooking without microwave radiation is more healthy, using steam oven is easy and good controllable !

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